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We serve the agribusiness, life sciences, horticulture and ingredients industries as well as financial investors.
Our experience-based consulting services range from strategy planning, market assessments and due diligence, to worldwide sourcing and international distribution advice. Projects are typically strategic in nature and include crop and geography-specific business development, alliance or target appraisals, technology assessments and opportunity evaluations.

Our solutions

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strategy development

Ensuring your clients’ and your success


Taking into account customer needs, as well as operational considerations and budgetary constraints, we develop realistic, achievable business strategies. In creating an offer geared specifically to the chosen market, we can also undertake business modelling and and offer prototyping.

flowers in greenhouse

Business and technical due diligence


Based on our in-depth knowledge of plant production and plant protection as well as marketing of plant produce, we offer due diligence of technical and business processes of target companies. We help financial investors understand risks and opportunities based on the agronomic and phytosanitary proficiency as well as business quality of investment targets in floriculture and agriculture.

modern agribusiness

Success with new products and markets


With special expertise in European markets, we support international companies seeking to develop their business across the continent. Our services are hands-on and comprehensive, covering assessment of route-to-market options and full implementation, including prospecting of distribution partners. Our project management of launches and development of effective marketing campaigns ensure successful introductions of innovative products and a smooth entry into new markets.


A global network at your service


We help companies maximize production yields or minimize raw material costs by finding new genetic seed sources, and identifying effective biological and chemical plant protection. Harnessing our own industry connections, we draw on our worldwide network of specialized independent experts.

business portfolio management

Simplifying complexity and rationalising ranges


We offer portfolio management services, whether for a product portfolio that has grown organically over time or one that has expanded dramatically due to a merger or acquisition. Our approach balances strategic as well as cost considerations, enabling companies to exploit market opportunities with an optimised portfolio while minimizing the high costs of an overly complex product range.

research and development

A sustainable and responsible way for future growth


With a focus on return on investment and future value creation, we offer management services for innovation, and research and development programmes that require rationalization. Likewise, we help with companies’ legacy research and development portfolios that need streamlining and integrating following a merger or acquisition.

Industry Overview

We understand your business

More than 20 years’ experience in agriculture and horticulture in markets and countries all over the world has given us comprehensive, detailed knowledge of the industry.

Agribusiness icon

The business of agricultural production requires, among others, economic, technical and biological expertise. Precision farming is now maximizing yields through optimizing inputs and is moving beyond early adopters to the mainstream, while driving increasing digitization of the agricultural value chain.

Seeds germ-plasm

Seeds, or cuttings, are the basis of plant production and their potential determines the agronomic and economic success of plant production, whether it be in the open field, under glass or in vertical farms. Germ-plasm is becoming increasingly important alongside the need to develop high yield, high quality crop varieties resistant to ever-evolving pests, diseases and environmental stresses.

Icon Biological Plant Protection
Biological crop protection

Set against a backdrop of mounting regulatory and public pressure on chemical-based products, biologicals are en-route to becoming many farmers’ preferred method for protecting their crops and as a result are experiencing an increasing rate of innovation. Biologicals are among the fastest growing segments in the industry today.

Biostimulants Icon

The past decades have witnessed tremendous growth in the use of biostimulants for making agriculture more sustainable and crops more resilient. It is estimated that biostimulants will continue to outgrow other inputs for improving crop yield and quality, and ultimately profitability, as well as for mitigating abiotic stress.

Due diligence

Both, agriculture and floriculture have robust growth projections which is driving M&A between industry peers as well as increasingly attracting private equity or venture capital. Understanding the quality of the business processes of a target, especially photosanitary management in the case of floriculture, as well as how well a target company navigates the complex ag-food or floriculture value chains is vital for obtaining the projected return on investment.

Horticulture Icon
Floriculture & Horticulture

The horticultural industry provides an enormous variety of flowers, fruit and vegetables for consumers seeking increasingly wider choice, year-round. Maintaining a clear phytosanitary status and improving yield and quality, while at the same time minimizing the use of water, nutrients and energy, is driving the development of innovative growing techniques, advanced biological inputs and new varieties.

Vertical farming

Vertical farming enables the growing of food free from pests and diseases, close to the point of consumption, at yields per square metre unachievable with conventional models. Over the coming years, controlled-environment agriculture and horticulture are forecast to grow at double-digit rates annually.

Ingredient manufactoring icon
Ingredient manufacturing

Consumers are increasingly appreciating and demanding the use of natural ingredients in food, cosmetics and perfumery. The economic realities of these markets require sustainable optimization of plant production systems in order to increase yields at target quality while minimizing its environmental footprint.


Dr. Martin Voss

Founder & CEO


Martin Voss holds a PhD in Plant Pathology and an MSc in agricultural sciences, based in Basel, Switzerland. He has a proven track record of 20+ years in successful strategy development and implementation, organizational design and innovation management. Prior to his current role, Martin led business units in Syngenta, as well as Monsanto, and was responsible for business development, marketing and product management across Europe, North America and Africa.
Voss Consulting uses in-house expertise as well as a network of independent professionals with proven know-how in relevant specialist fields, enabling us to cover every aspect of a given project.

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